Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is the South Carolina Senior Sports Classic?

The South Carolina Senior Sports Classic is a network of year round Local Games, Invitational Sporting Events and a State Games competition held each May.  It is designed to get adults up and moving through sports.  As the sanctioned site for the National Senior Games Association, the SCSSC qualifies athletes to advance to the National Senior Games every other year.

2.  What sports are included?

Local Games are required to offer at least 9 of the State's sanctioned sports.  There are 26 sports and 82 events conducted at the State Games.  Team events like basketball, softball and volleyball; endurance activities like swimming, cycling, and track & field; skill events like archery, bowling and golf; as well as recreational sports like shuffleboard, horseshoes and pickleball are offered.

3.  Who can participate?

Anyone 40 years old and older is eligible to participate in the State Games.  Some sport specific Invitational events also have an open division for those 19 and over.

4.  Do you have to be a South Carolina resident to play?

No.  The State Games usually has 10-20 different states represented.

5.  Do you have to qualify to go to the State?

You do not have to qualify at the local level to advance to the State.  It is open to anyone.  However, you are encouraged to prepare by playing your sport throughout the year.

6.  Do you have to be an outstanding athlete to participate?

NoBoth elite and recreational athletes are welcome.  There are also a number of fun social and educational events like a dinner, bingo, cornhole toss, and Parade of Athletes.

7.  Is there another level past the State?

Yes.  First, second and third place finishers are eligible and encouraged to advance to the National Senior Games held on each odd year.  It's a blast!

8.  How much does it cost and what does that cover?

SCSSC State Games registration for SC residents is $45 per participant.  Out of state fees are $55 and team members are $20 per player if you do not participate in anything else (no socials or other events).  Registration covers all events over the 2 weekends of competition, an athletic towel and all socials.  Medals are presented to all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

9.  How can I find a partner or join a team?

Only complete teams are accepted at the state level.  We will be glad to give out names of people or teams looking for players to anyone requesting that information, but only properly registered teams by the deadline will be allowed to participate in the State Games.  No pairings will be allowed at the competition.

10.  Where can I find the rules?

The complete SCSSC rulebook is posted on the website.

11.  How are sports added to the program?

Evaluation forms are a part of each registration packet and participants are encouraged to make their suggestions on those forms or to any SCSSC Board member.  You can also make recommendations by going to the Contact Us tab of the website.

12.  How can I help the SC Senior Sports Classic?

The SCSSC is an all volunteer, 501c3 organization.  A few independent contrators are hired for operations, but for the most part, we depend on interested athletes or professionals to provide the time and expertise needed to plan and run the program.  Farsighted, community minded businesses, companies and agencies are critical to fund or provide inkind services and resources.  Volunteers are needed on the local and state levels to promote and assist in operations.  Please let us know if you or someone you know has the skills, interest or abilities to advance the cause of senior health.  The benefits far outweigh the time or cost involved.


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